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Warm feet on the march

chili-feet is also used in the military.

To the recommended product

Quality product from Western Europe


chili-feet is a Swiss invention. The heat sole, which does not need batteries has a special mode of operation and can not be compared with other heat or insulation soles.


The chili-feet warming insoles are produced entirely in the countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This meets the company's quality and sustainability requirements.

Even in the combat boots you can have warm feet

Even if you enter the recruit school at the beginning of the year or complete a WK (repetition course) in the winter, you have it as a military service member not always easy with the combat boots. Here help the chili-feet, so that you can survive even the coldest days and the time in the military service not only remember cold feet.

Darstellung der chili-feet Wärmesohle von schräg oben

Warm feet within minutes

Extensive tests in the laboratory show the increase in temperature when using the chili-feet warming soles. With the 3mm sole, the sole temperature is already 5°C higher after 12 minutes compared to the start temperature. With the 5mm sole, it is even 10°C more after 12 minutes.

Diagramm-Darstellung der Wärmeentwicklung der chili-feet Sohlen im Labor

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I can advise all recruits to immediately order chili-feet

As a recruit, I am outdoors in all weathers. Now I wear my chili-feet every day and I am thrilled: I no longer have cold feet! I can only advise all recruits to order chili-feet immediately.