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Warm feet during sports

With the Chili Feet warming sole you have warm feet even during sports in the cold season.

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Quality product from Western Europe


chili-feet is a Swiss invention. The heat sole, which does not need batteries has a special mode of operation and can not be compared with other heat or insulation soles.


The chili-feet warming insoles are produced entirely in the countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This meets the company's quality and sustainability requirements.

Warm feet during sports, completely without annoying battery

The chili-feet heat sole does not need batteries at all, because the heat is generated by the movement and the generated pressure on the sole. In addition, there are no standard sizes and shapes with chili-feet, the sole can be cut to size.

Darstellung der chili-feet Wärmesohle von schräg oben

Warm feet within minutes

Extensive tests in the laboratory show the increase in temperature when using the chili-feet warming soles. With the 3mm sole, the sole temperature is already 5°C higher after 12 minutes compared to the start temperature. With the 5mm sole, it is even 10°C more after 12 minutes.

Diagramm-Darstellung der Wärmeentwicklung der chili-feet Sohlen im Labor

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chili-feet during sports

The chili-feet warming insoles are ideal for use during sports. They warm the feet even in the transitional period or in winter, so that nothing stands in the way of sports in the great outdoors.

  • When cross country skiing

    One of the most popular winter sports at all, understandable also, because what is more beautiful than to run with the cross-country skis through the snowy winter landscape? Quickly you have warm, especially on the upper body, but the feet often remain cold. Not with chili-feet, because with the chili-feet warming soles you have warm feet even when cross-country skiing.

    Foto eines Langläuflers
  • For mountain tours

    Even if the climb to the top is exhausting, you will be rewarded every time anew at the finish. So that the snow can not harm the feet even at these heights, the chili-feet warming sole warms your feet with every step and completely without power supply. Because chili-feet converts the pressure that arises with each step into heat.

    Foto einer Bergtour im Winter
  • When running

    Whether summer or winter, running is the people's sport. Whether in the dawn, in the lunch break or after dinner, you can run always and everywhere. The chili-feet heat insoles ensure that the feet stay warm in the light running shoes even in the transitional seasons and in winter.

    Foto einer jungen Frau welche über eine verschneite Brücke rennt
  • When hiking

    Whether the winter makes way for spring or the summer slowly draws to a close, one is gripped by wanderlust. After all, what could be more beautiful than enjoying nature while reaching the most beautiful places. But especially in these transitional periods, the feet often suffer. Not with chili-feet, because this sole warms the feet with every step.

    Foto einer Person welche in die verschneiten Berge schaut
  • When ski touring

    Snowy forest paths, warm tea while resting, the feeling of happiness when reaching the summit and then the untouched powder snow on the descent. You can experience all this only on a ski or snowboard tour. So that you can enjoy the climb and the feet are still warm at the top, there are the chili-feet warming soles, which actively warm the feet with every step.

    Foto einer Gruppe von Skitourengänger in einem schönen Winterland mit verschneiten Bäumen

Never again without chili-feet!

If I am on the road with a shoe rather too weak for the expected cold, the soles support me great. Like last fall, when I was with a trail running shoe on Kilimanjaro.